Phase I

May 2013- October 2013

We're listening!

This is the first phase of a the CTP process, which starts with gathering many different communities' thoughts and input on what Cobb County should become. This information will aid us in developing guiding principles, goals, and objectives for the CTP Update and for determining the needs of the County. We will use many tools and techniques to engage the citizens of Cobb including listening tours, a public opinion poll, and an online survey. To learn more about these tools, check out our Public Engagement Program. We want to hear from everyone - in person at one of our community meetings, by email, or online. If you would like us to come speak and hear from your group, please contact us through our book a speaker feature. We're active on Facebook and Twitter too. We're building a vision for Cobb's future, and asking the three questions below - follow the links below to share your thoughts and opinions!

What should Cobb be in the year 2040?

What do you love about Cobb County?

What are the top three transportation issues you face on a daily basis while traveling around Cobb? Please provide specific locations?

Responses are limited to 140 characters. Please visit contact page or email INFO@COBBINMOTION.COM directly to provide a longer response.

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We're gathering data

Another important activity going on in this first phase is the data collection and needs analysis of transportation facilities and resources in Cobb County. We will document all this information in an Existing Conditions and Needs Assessment Report. We will also be developing the guiding principles, goals, and objectives with the citizens of Cobb County.

What your neighbors and co-workers are saying

We're constantly receiving new input from community members who live, work, or do business in Cobb County. Some of the most recent input has come from:

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